Vintage Is On The Way Now

Vintage Is On The Way Now


Vintage Is On The Way Now


The trends for this year take some of the "old standards", some new trends, and some that give a new twist to an old idea. Keep in mind when planning your wedding that trends are just that. What's most important is that you, the bride and groom, use the trends as a guide, selecting those things that are in sync with your own ideas and your unique taste. Your wedding should be a reflection of who you are and what feels right for you, not someone else's definition of what you should be doing. You will find out and out contradictions in the following article, but don't be concerned. 

Wedding Gowns and Accessories
VINTAGE IS IN! Whether you wear your grandmother or mother's dress, or pick something up at a vintage clothing shop, you'll be in style. Much like the glamour days in Hollywood's golden years, vintage is evidenced in halter necklines , cap sleeves, light draping, strapless gowns, plunging necklines, antique lace, satin ribbons for straps, ruffles, tea-length dresses. For the spring and summer, the vintage look gets its bling from diamond or rhinestone accessories, and open-toed stilettos, and dangling earrings.

Brocade and beads take center stage along with floral applique , brocade accents and shimmering beads. Silver or gold trimmings done in good taste and with restraint along with fabric choices such as silk, satin and charmeuse, fit well with the glitzy look. Off-white, pearl and iridescent silver complete the look that era. 
Trimmings such as bows do much to add a feminine touch to an otherwise "masculine" styled dress. The bows can be found at the shoulder, or on the small of the back. Fashion experts say to skip ruffles and lace accents and rather to punch it up to a more romantic look.

A mix of classic styles and modern designs is always popular, so gowns are showing up on the runway with multilayered fabric. Tinted voile and chiffon can be seen layered over a simple white dress, resulting in an entirely different silhouette. 

As to the styles of 2018 wedding gowns, there are several things on the horizon. Slimmed down gowns yield a soft silhouette. Flowing layers, lace, and detail replace formerly larger gowns. Hats and fascinators (a light scarf, usually knitted or crocheted, worn around the head or neck) are coming back. They will add a touch of sophistication.

Warmer weather will usher in really short wedding dresses, which can be paired with ankle-tied sandals. These short gowns will replace corset style, with straps and sleeves. To add color to their otherwise white gowns, brides will wear colored crinoline underskirts. Some brides will color the soles of their shoes to achieve the extra pick-me-up of color.

Color Pallette
The key phrase is lots and lots of color. Don't get confused. Just pick the colors that fit with your personality and taste and that "speak" to you.

The most popular color is 
purple , from pale lavender to deep purples and every shade in between. For winter, black, plum and navy will take center stage. For spring it will be latte, coral and lavender. For summer, mauve, sage and turquoise will dominate and for fall, the top hits for colors will be emerald, burgundy and chocolate. Shiny metallic will be what couples who want added glitz will choose.

And, of course, there are those who predict that black will reign supreme in everything from gowns to decor and accessories and gray and white will always be "in" colors.

Look for lots and lots of color starting with engagement rings. Brides are hinting and grooms are buying emerald, topaz, gannet, and other precious stones as the center, or complimentary stone for engagement rings.

Party Favors
Instead of traditional Jordan almonds, couples will go upscale by giving each guest an iPod Nano pre-loaded with the couple's favorite songs.

Unusual Honeymoons
Wild honeymoons like an Ice Hotel in the Arctic, backpacking in the rain forest, or honeymooning in a hut along the Amazon are definitely in.

The key word in 2018 wedding trends is "glamour." Well-to-do couples are being more and more extravagant. Those not in the affluent income category are opting for a small, decadent wedding, by electing to do more for fewer guests, rather than less for more guests. Whatever you do, keep in mind that it's your wedding and it should reflect your style.

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