Color Chart

Thick Satin Colors

thick satin fabric

It is known for delicate texture and modest thickness to bring great silhouette effect. We often use it as inner fabric for wedding gowns and other special occasion dresses.

Soft Tulle Colors

soft tulle 6420 color

This luxury polyester soft tulle fabric features its softness and hexagon mesh hole. It is often used for making quality wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and other special occasion dresses to create volume. It is also the best choice for wedding decoration.

Organza Colors

organza color

Organza is a thin, sheer, shinny, plain fabric that is usually used for prom and wedding gowns.

100D Chiffon Colors

chiffon color

100D Chiffon is a lightweight, flowy fabric that dyes beautifully in any color. 100% polyester solid 100D chiffon is the most popular chiffon fabric in creating fashion dresses. 150 color options bring many possibilities for your dress design. You can always find one to match your event theme. It is also often be used in event decoration especially for weddings, and handicrafts, etc.

30D Falt Chiffon Colors

30D Chiffon is a more lightweight, sheerer ,thinner than 100D chiffon. It feels more like real silk.

Stretch Satin Colors

stretch satin color

Stretch Satin is a glossy, smooth plain woven fabric known for its elasticity.

Double FDY Colors

double FDY color

The full name is FULLY DRAWN YARN FABRIC, which has feature of high strength, high density, smooth and lubricating hand feel.